So Who is Greg Herbert & Red Dot Websites?

Well, that’s me. I was born and bred in Huskisson and have lived around Jervis Bay all of my life with a couple of jaunts to different parts of this gorgeous country of ours.

I have worked for myself for over 30 years in the local building industry and decided to change direction after I realized the importance of having a website for my businesses.

The primary focus for building my 1st website was to showcase my talents as a wall and floor tiler and increase my customer base to reach areas that were outside of the Shoalhaven. There’s something about hearing the answer to the question “So where’d you get my details from?”.. Google.

With the area growing as a holiday and retirement destination many of my new and prospective clients use the internet to find local trades. So many of my out of town customers’ have found me on the web, whereas years ago it was word of mouth.

Some of them have even been sitting in their cars heading down the coast and “Googled” me on their Smartphone’s to organize a meeting.

Now since building my 1st website around 10 years ago and seeing the power of having information at my fingertips, I have built over 40 sites for myself, friends and clients and have decided to make this my primary focus as I realized that the people around me needed some help getting their “offline” business “online”.

So Why Would You Choose Me?

Why not……? Just kidding after tinkering with many different platforms and web building applications I decided to use WordPress to develop my websites.


Why and what is WordPress you may ask?

WordPress is a blogging platform and CMS (content management system) which is easy to work with and easy for most end users to update content on their sites. There are around 70 million websites using WordPress at this point in time so it is here for the long haul.

The thing with WP (WordPress) is that we are able to easily modify the look and feel of your web site using thousand’s of different themes and plugins and if all else fails we can easily modify the code to give your site that extra special look and feel.

My sites are Responsive which means they will look good in all devices from your desktop computer right down to your smartphone (almost 50% of all searches are done on smartphone’s), and you will get the customer’s that your business is looking for.

I guess if you’re not on the web today, then it is fair to say that you will be left behind. So get in touch today and see how I can help you.